Benefits of Joining Email List

Employer Benefits 

Join our email list to receive emails of candidates specifically looking in your area. Although these emails are highly confidential, they include pertinent information for you to make a decision as to whether you desire more information on a particular candidate or not. Thus, saving precious time. All candidates are real and accurately described, fully and completely screened out with a desire to change jobs. Preliminary background checking has been initiated and official references requested by the time you receive a candidate profile. These profiles will be sent out at the request of the candidate. Therefore, specific areas of interest have been predetermined.

Candidate Benefits

If candidates so desire, a candidate profile may be presented via email in confidentiality to all potential employers that may be hiring someone with your specific skill set. This benefits you in time and effort spent in searching for a new position. Confidentiality is kept while sharing basic information of your skill set, desires and goals without risking an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation with your current employer. Many organizations that do not advertise jobs are often willing to consider a specific candidate. With this approach, you have indicated an interest to make a career change. Based on your skill set an employer has demonstrated enthusiasm toward someone with your background, interests and qualifications. This is all prior to any release of your resume.